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How To Play Double Exposure Blackjack

With double exposure both of the dealers cards are dealt dealt up. This gives the player an extreme advantage. But to compensate for that added information other rules and payouts are changed.

  • The payout for a blackjack is even money rather than 3 to 2.
  • The dealer will now win all ties except for blackjacks.
  • Now that you may need it, insurance is not available.
  • There is no surrender option.
  • Other variants may include:
    • You get only one extra card for each split aces
    • You can double down only with a hard 9 10 or 11

The basic blackjack strategy also changes in double exposure 21.

  • Players should spit tens when the dealer has 13 to 16.
  • Players should hit if the dealers hand is tied or better than yours. For example, if the dealer has a 20 and player has less than 21 , the player should hit.

How To Play Double Exposure Blackjack

Double exposure blackjack has slightly lower odds than regular blackjack. But if you hate that surprise at the end in regular blackjack when the dealer turns over their last card, then this is the game for you.

Classic Blackjack vs Double Exposure Blackjack

How To Win Double Exposure Blackjack - Classic Example
In the above hand you have a classic example of a blackjack hand where you would have a 12 and the dealer had an exposed 6. You are supposed to stand because the presumption is that the dealer had a hidden ten.

In double exposure blackjack, you know the dealer had a 10 to go with that 6 giving them a 16. They would have to hit and hopefully bust. But here you know that is exactly the situation. There is no hesitation- you stand. Plus, the odds come though and that is how you do win.

But suppose this was a regular game of blackjack and the dealers second card was a 5. Regular blackjack says stay, but in double exposure blackjack you better hit – at least once!

Notes About Double Exposure Blackjack

  • Double Exposure Blackjack is also know as Face Up 21, Dealer Disclosure or simply referred to as Double Exposure.
  • There are usually 8 decks used, but sometimes 6.


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