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Black Diamond Lucky Number @ http://mobilecasinogame.infoPlay and savor Lucky Number in addition to bingo over at the Black Diamond in addition to connect with other delighted players that will have experienced this magnificent Octopus game and games site. Along with Lucky Number there are also good game choices like Lady Of the Moon, Gold Diggers, Jackpot Jamba and Baccarat.

20 Pay Lines

Have fun with this 5 reel, 3 line slot with 20 Pay Lines.

Max $100 Bet Per Spin

Use various coin values for each of the 20 pay lines with 1 cents,  2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $3 and $5 each.

Min 20 Cents Per Spin

To practice or play with low money values, try the 1 cent coins for a Min 20 Cents Per Spin.

Pay Table

Bonus Scatter and Wilds

With great features like Bonuses, Scatter and Wild symbols.

Free Spins

Multiply your wins with Free Spins.

Mystery Bonus Block Game Feature 

The game also includes a Mystery Bonus Game. It will reveal the vlaues in each block – but will then scramble them faster than any 3 Card Monty game ever could.

Pick One From Each Color

Now they are mixed up and you can Pick One From Each Color to see how you win.

370 Coins Won

I got lucky on the red and picked the biggest – with 280 coins. The others were not so big, but I still won a total of 370 coins. Too bad I was only playing with 1 cent coins instead of $5

Big $1,130 Win

I took my own advice and increased my coin value to $5 each and soon won $1,130 – now I  will quit while I am way ahead!

Gamers also receive super bonuses including promotions like Super Sunday, The Grand VIP Tournament, Magnificent Monday and others. You will get lots to play.

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