Play Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines Free

Diamonds are Forever is a popular online and land-based casino slot game. It is based on the James Bond movie of the same name. In this particular version, it a three-line game. 

There is a minimum bet of $0.01 with one coin and one line, but it is recommended that you play the maximum of three lines – no matter what coin value you are playing. 

If you do not play maximum coins and you do get three of the seven wild symbols in a row, you will be cheating yourself out of some extra money.

Looking at the pay scale will tell you why. With one pay line and three of these seven’s, you will get 1000 coins – play 2 lines and three of a seven’s get you 3000 coins. But if you play three coins and you get three of these seven’s – you will get 6000 coins. Notice that this is an average of 2000 coins per play line vs 1,500 and 1,00 for the others.

It is also a popular slot in land based casinos.

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Yes, Diamonds are Forever  was themed with sexy James Bond in mind!

Minimum 1 Cent Bet Per Spin

Maximum 3 Pay Lines – 3 Cent Minimum Bet

This is a classic example of why you should play maximum coins – on most games.  In the above example we played three pay lines  – with 1 cent coins – a 3 cent bet per spin. We won on line 2 and line 3 – 3 cents risked – 4 cents payout .

If instead, we had played 1 pay line with a 3 cent coins value – we would have won nothing – 3 cents risked – 0 cents payout.

There are some games where the number of coins bet only reflects your bet amount at risk – but those are poorly designed or meant to trick players to bet more.

Maximum Bet $1.50

In this game, coin values include $0.01 $0.03 $0.05 $.10 $0.20 and $0.50  – so with a maximum of 3 lines and 50 cent coin values your maximum bet is $1.50 per spin. If you get three 7’s with that bet, you will get 6000 coins or $3,000 – a nice payoff. Even enough to buy a real diamond, or two

Symbol Payouts

Of course there are other symbols that will pay you some money.

  • 1 bell will pay you two coins
  • 2 bells will pay you three coins
  • any three bars pays 5 coins
  • three bells  pays 10 coins
  • 3 single bars pays 15
  • 3 double bars pays 25
  • And 3 triple bars pays 50 coins –  so even on a $1.50 bet you could win $25 with the bar symbols

But there’s also the special diamond symbol (you knew it was coming). When you get three of them you will win 200 coins – or with a $1.50 bet you win $100 (good for some great looking diamond chip earrings and more).

Play Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines