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This game screenshot looks just like Blackjack!

Pontoon Game in Progress

OK, now here is a game in process. What does it look like to you now! Still look the same? Well, what would you do in this hand – stand or hit? WTF!

OK, so now you understand the primary difference between Pontoon Blackjack and regular Pontoon Blackjack.

In fact, there a few major differences. the last game screen shows a player hand of 12 – but there are no dealer cards shown. Correct – dealer cards are dealt face down. The player must make all their decisions in the dark – without know anything about the dealers hand.

OK, you say to yourself ” I’ll play it safe and not hit when I could bust”. Now look again. The player has a 12 hand – and their only options are to hit or double. Only a fool would double on that. Plus, what happened to the stand option – it got eliminated – players must hit on 14 or less!  Double – WTF.


The player bet $100, got an Ace and King of diamonds and was paid $200. That’s right a ‘pontoon’ pay 2 to 1 while regular blackjack pays 3 to 2 – or $150 in regular blackjack.

If the player also wins on a 5 card hand, they get 2 to 1 – but the dealer wins ties. Ah – not quite a fair trade-off is it?

While the house edge is still a respectably low 0.38% – I prefer face up 21 where not only can I see one dealer card – I can see both of them!

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Complete Rules To Face Up 21

Pontoon pays 2 to 1

five cards pays to 2-1

dealer wins ties

dealers 5 card beats players 5 card

dealer cards face down

dealer must hit soft 17

player must hit 14 or less

double once anytime

hit after double allowed

split up to two times


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