Right on the Nose: Bovada’s Horse Racing Games

Horse Racebook

Bovada doesn’t just waste your time offering a handful of one-off horse racing bets in their sportsbook. Accompanying the bookmaker’s sports betting site is a fully dedicated racebook.

For those not in the know, this means that there is an entire website specifically designed to keep you inundated with bets on the nags. With a racebook as good as this, you won’t be short of races to wager on.

Bovada Offers a Complete Horse Racebook with Bonuses

Design Friendly

If you’ve visited Bovada’s sportsbook before, you’ll know what to expect. The design and layout are largely similar, and the design is mobile-friendly (HTML5). While some elements of Bovada’s enterprise heavily feature the software and power of other providers, the racebook section is wholly unique. It is run solely by proprietary, in-house software, ensuring that Bovada can run their site as they see fit.

All Year Long

Bovada’s racebook offers bets all year round, and they aren’t limited to North American races, either. Bovada has agents located trackside that enable them to report back and cover all manner of horse racing events. Moreover, the types of odds you can get are competitive and on-par with anything you can find at other established US racebooks.

80 Tracks

If betting on over eighty tracks, top graded stakes competitions, head-to-head matchups, and prop bets wasn’t enough, there are racebook goodies to be had, to boot. Regular 5% cashback on horse racing bets can be had on Tuesdays, there is a dedicated racebook welcome bonus, and weekly rebates of 3% on straight wagers perk up the action at this horse racing site.

There are more than “to win” or “each way” bets available at Bovada’s racebook. As mentioned above, a plethora of options is available. Bovada’s betting slip also gives you the freedom to be somewhat creative and innovative in how you bet. For instance, Alphabet Bets and other system bets such as Patent, Yankee, Six-Fold Parlays, and many more can be used to spice up the action when you bet on horses at Bovada.

Competitive and Fair

Again, it is worth looking at competitiveness and fairness. Bovada is a long-established name at US racetracks. There are several thousand events covered each year from the US alone, and a check of these odds shows them to be competitive.

Odds comparisons can also be made on Bovada’s Australian, Irish and UK events, and again they prove to be strong competition for rival racebooks. Any punter who fancies putting one on the nose of a nag will get good value for money options then. Bovada’s terms and conditions seem fair and respectable when it comes to cancelled events, late withdrawals, and replacements. This is exactly what we’d expect to see when betting on horses at such a well-known racebook.

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